How do I create a great listing for higher chances of selling my item?


Although Warrp’s match-making algorithm automatically shows your listings to potential buyers nearby and to users that are particularly interested in your item category, here are some other handy tips you can use to create a listing that looks great to maximise your selling potential.


Version 1.17 iOS iPhone


#Tip 1 – Use clear and properly ordered authentic photos / video

When creating your listing, be sure to use real time photos taken of your item. Screenshots or uploaded images tend to have different dimensions and pixels and when it is seen in the Warrp marketplace, your listing will look a little odd (potentially with ‘black border’ surrounds).

Also, be sure to choose the right hero image (main photo) of your listing. No point showing a label image or a behind photo of your item as the first photo. We’ve found that buyers scroll past listings without a nice hero photo.

Stick to either portrait or landscape for all photos (and the featured video if you are using one) of a listing. Do not mix portrait and landscape photos in a listing as you will get the ‘black border’ surrounds issue again.

Finally, take at least a minimum of 3 photos (the more the merrier) of your item and ensure you cover all angles of the item including related material or accessories such as boxes, receipts, etc.


Version 1.17 iOS iPhone


#Tip 2 – Use simple title, concise description and the right category

You don’t need to go overboard with this but as long as you have identified clearly what your item is in the title, i.e. iPhone 8 Pro Gold 64GB, and for your description, once again, you do not need to write an essay on your item, just follow the provide text sample instructions given to clearly identify your item in a few sentences.

In most cases, our vetting team during the approval process will edit your description to ensure your listing has a better chance at selling but the more information you provide at this stage, the better we can help you.

We haven’t found this to be a huge problem for most sellers but just be logical with the category you are listing your item in to ensure it gets searched / shown to the right buyers. Our vetting team will also help here by putting your item in the right category during the approval process if it seen out of place.


Version 1.17 iOS iPhone


#Tip 3 – Choosing the right listing settings

Choosing the right listing settings is important because it will help profile your item better in our marketplace and wherever else we show it to get you potential buyers.

Ensure you have chosen the right condition if your item. This could either be whether it is used or new.

For the pricing structure, we always recommend using Warrp Price. Some sellers will also see an option to list using Fixed Price but we recommend this for pro sellers and shops that are selling multiple items.

When entering in your Desired Item Price, be realistic with the price you are willing to sell the item for. When other users Warrp your item, your Desired Price will be used behind-the-scenes to ensure your item is shown at a fair market price close to your Desired Price. Don’t get overwhelmed with this as you will get used to how our crowdsource price system works once you’ve started selling on Warrp.


Version 1.17 iOS iPhone


#Tip 4 – Socialising with the Warrp community

There are plenty of ways you can initiate conversations with the rest of the Warrp community for better chances of building a follower base so that current and future listings can be sold quickly and easily.

You can start by Warrping other items. Our system will notify the seller that you have Warrped their item and they potentially would add you as their friend.

You can also go to the Nearby section in the app and search for or browse for other users nearby and add users that have the same interests as you.

The new Leaderboard is also a great way to find active users and to add them as friends.

Sending messages to other users also helps you build a connection and of course adding them as friend would allow us to notify either user when a new listing or an update to a listing happens between friends.

You can also share your listing with your friends outside of Warrp by using the Share function (top right hand corner) in a listing.

We’ve found that sellers with more friend connections tend to sell their items quicker and easier as Warrp is not just a once off selling platform but it used by people who enjoy selling and buying second hand goods repeatedly.


Version 1.17 iOS iPhone


#Tip 5 – Profile pic & bio setup

Lastly, make sure you maintain a nice profile pic and display a simple but real bio on yourself. This is shown in your profile page when other users in the community are looking at you and will help you grow your followers and friends with like minded users in the Warrp community.

We hope these tips help you in your Warrp journey. As always, be safe, and if you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to other community users or admins to get the help you need.