What does Warrping an item mean and do?

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Warrping is the act of a user valuing an item in the Warrp world. Warrp stems from the word ‘warp’ and ‘RRP’ which brings the meaning to change the price of an item.

Users can Warrp any item in the Warrp marketplace and are encouraged to do so for as many times as they can. Every time an item is Warrped, we collect this input and store this as a valuation of the item. The more Warrps an item gets, the closer we can get to what could be acknowledged as the true market value of an item.

Our proprietary pricing algorithm which takes from various economic and mathematical formulas has been rigorously tested in a multitude of conditions all in which returns results that are justified as realistic market prices.

Never has this been done before in any marketplace scenario surrounding real consumers. Warrp is the first to market with this method and we are proud to lead the introduction of this into the challenging world of consumerism.

What this means to users of Warrp is that a small role played in Warrping shifts the entire paradigm as we know it of how consumers buy and sell items. In summary, we all should – Just Warrp It!