What is a Buy Offer?

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A Buy Offer is an offer made by a buyer to the seller to purchase the item at the listed fixed price (PriceWarrp™). Together with the Buy Offer, the buyer must choose it’s preferred method to receive the goods from the delivery options offered by the seller for that particular item. This could either be the ‘Safe Meetup & Pickup’, ‘Pickup’ or ‘Postage’ option.

The buyer must have enough funds in their Warrp Account Balance to the tune of the fixed price in order to make the Buy Offer. Once a Buy Offer is made, the funds committed will not be able to be used for simultaneously Buy Offers unless of course the buyer has more available funds in their Warrp Account Balance. If the Buy Offer is rejected or expires, the funds committed to the Buy Offer will be made available again in the buyers Warrp Account Balance instantly.

A Buy Offer can be cancelled by the buyer anytime. Once a Buy Offer is accepted, the seller and the buyer is taken into a Transaction Chat to discuss meeting times and/or delivery/pickup details and will maintain themselves in the Transaction Chat until the transaction is finalised.

Only once a transaction is finalised by both the buyer and the seller, the seller will receive the proceeds of the sale.