What is a Cycle?

A cycle lasts for 12 hours and is there to give sufficient time for buyers and sellers to decide to do a deal at the listed fixed price (PriceWarrp™) of an item. If no deal can be met, the item goes into the next cycle at a new price based on the Warrps received in the previous cycle.

The PriceWarrp™ of an item does not change during a cycle. Only if enough Warrps are received during a cycle to affect a price change, this will occur in the next cycle as denoted by the arrow symbols next to the price, ↑ for a price increase, ↓ for a price decrease and → for a no change in price – from the previous cycle.

The Seller can choose to pause a cycle at any time and unpause to continue the cycle from when it got paused. The seller however won’t be able to pause a cycle if at least one Buy Offer is pending (not accepted or declined).

During a cycle, the item can be Warrped by each user (including the seller) once only. The item can also receive multiple Buy Offers if the seller hasn’t accepted any. All Buy Offers automatically expire at the end of a Cycle if the seller has not actioned any.