What is a Sale Transaction Credit?

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A Sale Transaction Credit, also known as ‘STC’ is a reward you earn through the Warrp Loyalty Rewards program. Each Sale Transaction Credit allows you to satisfactorily complete a sale as a seller with $0 as the Sale Transaction Fee instead of the regular fee of  $0.99 + 4.99% of the Transaction Value capped at a maximum of $49.99. Sale Transaction Credits are automatically applied for you in order of the next sale that is successfully completed and we will use STCs from the no expiry pile before the monthly pile.

You get rewarded Sale Transaction Credits various ways:

  • Monthly automatic top ups – depending on your Loyalty Pass level, you will receive monthly credits which expire at the end of the month, so be sure to use them before it expires. The higher your pass level, the more credits you get.
  • No expiry – from inviting friends to use Warrp (limited to 3 invites per user).