What is Warrp?

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Warrp is a free-to-use second hand goods marketplace that focuses at being S.A.F.E. for everyone. Buyers and sellers can Securely transact while the rest of the community plays an Active role in ensuring prices are Fair creating an experience that is seamless and Easy.



“Warrp is not just an app, but a symbol of a better tomorrow”.



Secure because:

  • transactions between buyers and sellers can be escrowed by Warrp – an optional service that no other second hand goods marketplace offers,
  • Warrp is the first marketplace to offer the Safe Meetup & Pickup delivery option which allows for buyers and sellers to meet up to inspect and finalise items sold and bought at approved Warrp Trusted Partner locations, and
  • all top-ups and withdrawals are handled by PayID, which means Warrp will never ask for your bank account or credit card information.



Active because:

  • unlike standard marketplaces, Warrp is a dynamic marketplace where prices of items listed change every 12 hours based on prices crowdsourced from all users in the marketplace,
  • Warrp users are rewarded Loyalty Points by doing most things on Warrp which can be exchanged for exciting rewards and deals, and
  • of how fun and safe it is to sell and buy on Warrp, more users choose to transact on Warrp turning more items into cash instantly.



Fair because:

  • the seller can decide to sell or not to sell their item when a Buy Offer is received whilst their item is still listed for sale,
  • buyers can choose to wait to buy or to make a Buy Offer whenever they feel like it, and
  • prices are determined by the market, not just by the seller and the buyer.



Easy because:

  • listings items for sale is done under 18 seconds and does not require a price to list the item,
  • Warrp handles everything for you, from the pricing of an item, to vetting the seller, the buyer and the partner location, the handling of disputes (if any arises) and the payments of transactions, and
  • Warrp will help connect you to a potential buyer and seller through its in-app matchmaking and pricing algorithm – and all you need to do is to enjoy the journey!