What is a PriceWarrp™?

PriceWarrp™ is the name Warrp has given to the price of an item that is sold and bought on Warrp. This price changes every 12 hours from the time the item is activated for sale in the Warrp Marketplace by the seller. Sellers will first list...

What is a Cycle?

A cycle lasts for 12 hours and is there to give sufficient time for buyers and sellers to decide to do a deal at the listed fixed price (PriceWarrp™) of an item. If no deal can be met, the item goes into the next cycle at a new price based on...

What does Warrping an item mean and do?

Warrping is the act of a user valuing an item in the Warrp world. Warrp stems from the word ‘warp’ and ‘RRP’ which brings the meaning to change the price of an item. Users can Warrp any item in the Warrp marketplace and are encouraged...

How many times can I Warrp an item?

You may Warrp an item as many times as you like but you are only allowed to submit 1 Warrp in each Cycle (every 12 hours).

Can I Warrp my own item?

Yes you can. You are encouraged to do this for two reasons. The first is to give your input as the seller side as to what you think your own item is worth. The second is to tip your item in the direction you prefer it to go.

Must I buy an item that I have Warrped?

You don’t need to but you can if you want to. Warrping and placing a Buy Offer are two separate events. You Warrp when you see a price that you think is incorrect for an item. You place a Buy Offer if you are interested in buying the item.

How do I get other users to Warrp my item?

Our matchmaking algorithm will attract others users to Warrp your item however you can increase exposure to your item and yourself  if you have attracted other users in Warrp to follow you by Warrping items of other users and simply interacting...

Where can I find a list of items that I have Warrped?

You can find this in your Warrped items list in your Profile screen.

How do I know what to Warrp an item for?

Sometimes you just know what the item is worth - gut feel. Other times you may do some research online and be calculated with what you Warrp an item for. Either way, the beauty of our marketplace design and pricing system allows for anyone to be...

Do I earn points for Warrping?

Yes. You earn 1 Loyalty Point each time you Warrp.

How do I know that I have already Warrped an item?

We have designed our interface so that you can see prior to entering the item screen that you have already placed a Warrp on an item. A ‘w’ counter without a purple background denotes you have not Warrped that item and can Warrp that item. ...

I would like to go on a Warrping spree, what’s the best way I can do this?

We’ve made it easy so that various items across the marketplace will appear in your Feed in somewhat a random order. These are not random at all and in fact follow a matching algorithm that relates to your behaviour and interests. You may use...

Why is there a pill looking image when I Warrp an item?

The pill is a fun design created to provide you with a maximum and minimum value range you can Warrp an item for. These maximum and minimum values change dynamically as each Warrp is received and plays a crucial part in our pricing algorithm.

Why can’t I Warrp an item higher or lower than what the pill allows me to?

The maximum and minimum values of the pill are there for a reason. It governs the mathematics of our pricing algorithm to not allow it to deviate away from a result which is far fetched. We suggest that you Warrp the item at the highest or lowest...

Why can’t I see who has Warrped my item?

From time to time, you may see glimpses of usernames of others in your Notifications that Warrped your item. We try to maintain a level of privacy on Warrping as the general act of Warrping is not necessarily pre-directed at yourself or an...
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